Kelvin Shaw  Loan Firm offers a variety of loan products and financial services that make it convenient to get cash today, whether through a payday loan,installment loans, non-collateral loans,and Title loans. Our Staffs operate with the highest level of Customer Service and offer a friendly, convenient, confidential and safe environment for your cash needs.

Kelvin Shaw Loan Firm has grown well beyond three countries USA, Canada, and UK, and now with the porverty level in Africa, we have decided to reach to them with our non-collateral loan services. We have distinguished ourself other from competitors with quality product offerings, genuine Customer Service, robust operating systems, a state-of-the-art call center, and a track record of new product innovation. Our Employees are excited to be a part of the large business family, as witnessed by our low interest rates and energized company culture. We've consistently grown well ahead of other payday loan lenders and are primed for continued growth and enduring success

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